heating and cooling system in melbourne A Look at Evaporative Cooling

  • 28Mar2016
    A Look at Evaporative Cooling

    Everyone is looking for that next big trend in cooling that is going to help them enjoy comfortable air without spending a lot of money.

    An evaporative system may just be the solution. Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to cool your home than through noisy, chemical-filled air conditioners? Evaporative coolers are:

    • Eco-friendly
    • Healthy
    • Cost effective
    • Easy to repair

    The Science Behind the System

    An evaporative unit runs on the simple concept that water can change from a liquid to a vapor. In fact, you can think of an evaporative cooler like you think of the human body when it sweats. Perspiration is something that cools the body in a hot setting.

    Evaporative cooling units use that very same principle to create cool temperatures in homes and buildings. The absorption of water inside a unit occurs when the temperature and vapor pressure of that water attempt to equalize with the air inside your home.

    Small water molecules actually transform into gas molecules at this point. Next, heat switches from the hot air temperature to the cooler water temperature.

    You'll experience naturally cooled air circulating throughout all the rooms in your home as a result of this phenomenon.

    How coolers Channel Nature to Make Your Home Comfortable

    Each unit works by using a fan to draw in warm air from the outside. Once that air is inside the unit, it passes over a series of water-moistened pads that cool it down by as much as 20 degrees. This newly cooled air is then circulated throughout your living spaces.

    The great thing about this type of system is that it allows air to constantly circulate to create a refreshing breeze. It is clear to see that this is an ideal system for use in Australia’s climate.

    Many people choose this method of keeping their homes comfortable because it is quite easy to repair when compared to other common cooling methods.

    Adding a New System to Your Home

    An evaporative system makes sense for your home or building in Melbourne once you consider that cooling through evaporation is a natural occurrence. If you’re interested in cooling systems in Melbourne,

    it’s important to find a reputable company that offers evaporative cooler service and installation. Some of the more popular models on the market in Australia are Brivis evaporative coolers, Celair evaporative coolers and Breezair evaporative coolers.

    Service It Australia is a well-known provider and installer of the latest cooling systems that are capable of helping you enjoy a pleasant ambient temperature in your home. They also offer service and repair for existing systems.

    Visit Service It Australia today to browse a selection that includes efficient models by Brivis, Celair and Breezair.