heating and cooling system in melbourne 4 Ways Evaporative Cooling Systems Benefit You

  • 17Apr2019
    4 Ways Evaporative Cooling Systems Benefit You


    Evaporative cooler systems are popular in Melbourne for some very good reasons. They are easy to install and save you money on purchase, operation and repairs, they are eco-friendly and also good for your health, as long as you get a services call done every year.

    Here we explain how you come out tops with a residential evaporative cooler.

    • Save Money

      For Melbourne summers, home evaporative cooling systems are an undisputable choice. Over their lifetime, they can save you up to 75% of the costs of running any other kind of cooler, with ducted residential evaporative cooling systems that serve many rooms costing as little as 28 cents an hour ($3.36 a day if you run it for 12 hours). They work better on a dry, hot day, which is the kind Melbourne has through most of summer. The cost also depend on fan speed, but they are still a fraction of any other kind.

    • Stay Safe from Allergies

      There's not much point saving a tonne of money if it is going to go away in big medical bills. Without using chemical coolants that may be toxic if they leak, a residential evaporative cooling system makes uses of water. Also, by providing your room with sufficient moisture during summer days, the evaporative cooler also helps you avoid the aggravating effect that dry, stale air has on pre-existing allergies. Finally, many evaporative pads come with embedded filters, that keep pollen and germs away. It does pay though, to periodically refresh the water in your cooler.

      What's more, you can also keep windows open if you feel cloistered without adding pressure to the system.

    • Cut Your Carbon Footprint

      Other kinds of home coolers and air conditioners are energy-intensive, so your carbon footprint is huge (as is your bill). By helping you save electricity, at the other end of the grid, you are also saving on CO2 emissions. The noise of the fans in outdoor compressors can also be an issue for neighbours, which is eliminated by the far less noisy fans of an evaporative cooling system.

      Furthermore, the moist and fresh air is good for your lungs, rather than repeatedly recycling indoor air in ducted systems.

    • Save on Maintenance

      The simpler the technology, the easier it is to maintain. That’s very much true of home evaporative cooling systems, which operate on the simple principle that water removes energy while evaporating, making the room cool. With a tank, pump and pads, your basic set up is ready. Not only do you save a pile when you run them, but the cost of services and replacements is also light on your wallet.

      Nevertheless, a pre-summer services call is essential to remove the dust and other issues that may have clogged the system when you mothballed it during the Melbourne winter.


    A regular services call by an evaporative cooler services and maintenance company like Service It Australia will put years to your system’s life, thicken your savings and reduce your carbon footprint. Do talk to any of our trained technicians for the best options and offers on residential evaporative cooler services.