heating and cooling system in melbourne Ducted Heating: The Most Effective and Efficient in Melbourne

  • 19Jun2015
    Ducted Heating: The Most Effective and Efficient in Melbourne

    What is ducted heating in the first place? It is the heating system that is mainly used to raise the temperatures inside the house during the cold seasons or whenever you want to warm your house. It is one of the most economical and efficient way of heating your house in Melbourne. With this centralised warming, your entire house will be warmed to the desired temperatures.

    How It Works

    The ducted heating comprises of insulated ducts, a heater, vents or grilles and a thermostat. The heater work when cold air is passed over a heat exchanger and gets warmed up. It is then passed through the insulated ducts, which carry the air to or from the heater to the vents. These vents can either be located in the ceiling or the floor of the house. The thermostat then detects the temperature of the house and then allows the heater to continue warming or not to depending on the preferred temperature. The fact that you can use zonal control makes these systems very economical in that one can control the temperature of the rooms being used for example you can light up the rooms being used in a particular time hence reducing the consumption of heating energy.

    Advantages of Ducted Heating

    One of the biggest advantages is that it is the cheapest option when it comes to a home heating system. It has the ability of zoning meaning that only the rooms being used are heated up hence reducing the work of the heaters. The other plus as far as this is concerned is the fact that it is capable of giving a heating solution to the whole house. Having no lights or open flames makes this system very safe and secure to use at home. Unlike most of the other forms of heating, this one is environmental friendly as it ensures that little or no greenhouse gas emissions are made.

    Why Ducted Heating in Your Home?

    While most of the other sources of energy are expensive or inconvenient, this is the best way to ensure that you and family are kept warm no matter what the circumstances are. The centralised control ensures that as little time as possible is used when adding or reducing temperature in various rooms of your house. The other good thing is that it produces instant temperature in the house.

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