heating and cooling system in melbourne Should I Purchase an Evaporative Cooler or Air Conditioner?

  • 04Oct2016
    Should I Purchase an Evaporative Cooler or Air Conditioner?

    Evaporative cooling has always been the oldest cooling systems around. Even though it is one of the most effective units of cooling. They work best in hot and dry climates. Yet they still work to control the temperature in the room well.  

    Evaporative coolers are economical and energy efficient and are extremely environment friendly as they use only fresh clean air to cool the room. 

    They are easy to set up and minimalistic in their maintenance. They do tend to humidify the room but it can be balanced by leaving a window slightly ajar. Air conditioners on the other hand are quite the opposite.

    There are major differences between the two cooling systems. They can be distinguished in the following factors:

    Economical differences:

    Evaporative coolers work efficiently and are economical. They cool the room extremely well and they do not burn a whole in your pocket. 

    They are not just easy to maintain but their conditioning parts cost much lesser than an air conditioning part. 

    Inexpensive to set up, they do not need to be serviced more than two times a year. Whereas air conditioners need regular cleaning to ensure they work efficiently. 

    Evaporative coolers also use less energy compared to your typical air conditioning units.

    Fresh air vs cool air

    Evaporative coolers are best known for circulating air using fresh air from outside air. The fresh air is pulled in from outside and pushed into the room thus cooling it. 

    This process does ensure that the air in the room is fresh and cool. You can also open your windows and doors to keep the room cool and fresh. 

    Air conditioners are the opposite of evaporative coolers. Typically they work well with the windows and doors closed. This is because the same air is being reused and circulated within the room to ensure the cold air stays in that very room.

    Humidity Levels

    Evaporative coolers tend to spit out moisture into the air to cool the room through evaporation. While air conditioners remove moisture from the air. 

    Evaporative coolers work best in dry climatic areas as they do tend to raise the humidity levels.

    Environment Friendly

    Evaporative coolers emit lower levels of carbon dioxide, reducing electricity costs and in turn helps the environment. 

    Evaporative coolers don’t cause any noise pollution while air conditioners do. This makes evaporative coolers perfect for the bedroom or offices where having lower noise levels are appreciated. Air conditioners emit carbon dioxide and thus can be harmful for the environment.

    Using evaporative coolers helps you save in many areas. They are energy and cost effective. They keep you cool and comfortable on a warm summer day and even save the environment. And don’t we all want to save the environment at one point or the other?