heating and cooling system in melbourne Evaporative Coolers: Myths and Misconceptions

  • 04Jan2018
    Evaporative Coolers: Myths and Misconceptions

    Evaporative coolers work by pulling in heat from the atmosphere in your home or office to make a liquid, usually water, evaporate. This has unfortunately led to people cultivating some myths about them, especially that they increase moisture in the atmosphere. Here we offer a few facts to clear up the air.

    Myth 1: Evaporative cooling systems cause mist

    Mist is tiny droplets of water suspended in air, which is not the same as water vapour, which is water in gaseous state. Evaporative coolers work by converting water to vapour, not mist, which pulls in heat from the air, cooling the room.

    Mist in a room makes it damp and allows mould to grow, water vapour has no such effect. IN addition, the additional ventilation provided by a cooler ensures that the vapour is finally fanned out.

    Myth 2: Evaporating coolers don’t work in humid places

    Nothing could be farther from the truth. Yes, they work better in dryer climates because humid air inhibits the evaporation of water, but today's coolers have technology to overcome that. Also, compared to other kinds of coolers, evaporative coolers are still strong value for money in humid areas.

    Myth 3: Evaporative coolers have high running costs

    IN fact, it is the opposite that is true. The energy needs of a home evaporative cooler are restricted to a light water pump and a fan, neither of which consumes as much power as systems with more complex components. As long as the water is full in your cooler, your bills will be as low as the temperature in your room.

    Myth 4: They're good enough for homes, but my workplace needs something heavy-duty

    This is the easiest myth to bust. Most industries in fact use large-scale evaporative cooling systems because they are so easy to scale up. Pumping cold water through cooling ducts laid everywhere (especially under ceilings) pulls in the heat from enclosed spaces to huge heat exchange towers outside, ensuring an even temperature. They may just not look like the little cooler busily pushing a cooling breeze into your home, but they are, dollar for dollar, among the most cost-effective systems out there.


    Evaporative cooling systems are worth every cent you spend on them. They pull out heat well and can be installed at any scale you want: from a small room to a gigantic factory complex. Modern systems are highly energy efficient, and work in arid as well and humid climates.

    Go ahead and get one. At Service It Australia, we can give you the best guarantees and service contracts, and the reassurance that over time, your cooling bills will leave you happier than before.