heating and cooling system in melbourne Gas Duct Heaters Maintenance Guide

  • 23Jun2017
    Gas Duct Heaters Maintenance Guide
    The winter season is the perfect to turn on your gas duct heaters and keep cozy. Gas duct heaters add a nice feel to your room that makes you want to sip some hot chocolate and snuggle.
    Here is the thing; you probably haven’t turned on that heater for months. So before winter comes along, you have to get your ducted gas heaters checked. You need to be sure that it is in good working condition and doesn’t need any repairs or maintenance.
    If you start to use it without checking and there is a part that needs repairing you could ruin the heater. To ensure that it runs smoothly and gives its best performance you need to get it checked out. The best duct heaters in the market today include Brivis, Breamar, Celair, Bonaire, Climate technologies. They sell heaters that will make your house cozy. But how will you know if you need to get your ducted heating serviced?

    There are a few signs that point out to this very fact. 


    Mould and dust

    Dust in every household is inevitable and a huge annoyance. No amount of cleaning can keep the dust at bay for too long. Eventually it accumulates and needs to be cleaned out again. Same way you dust your furniture, you need to dust out your ducted heaters. Since you don’t use it for most of the year dust acclimates and can hinder the performance of your heater.
    Mould is another culprit that can reduce your heaters effectiveness. Checking out for these two can help save a lot of money and keep you from sleeping cold. It is better to ask a professional to check the gas ducted heaters filters and see if you can do it the next time around. 


    When you’re cleaning all that dust and mould you will notice that isn’t the only thing that has been collecting up in those ducts. Creepy crawlers tend to like those musty unused spaces especially if there are ducts that have space for pests like rats or mice. This is quiet common in almost every gas duct heater installed. Along with the professional you hired to clean out your ducts call pest control too. This way you can keep your home free of any pests and save you a lot of trouble later.

    Weak Air

    When you notice that your gas ducts isn’t heating well. That there are cold spots around your home and there isn’t a steady flow of heating, this means that there is a problem and that it is working as well as it should be. This sign of a problem could mean that it needs to be cleaned or that there is a bigger problem.
    The best way to know if you have a problem is to turn up the heater and see if there is a difference. If it was the same as before then call a professional to take a look.

    Hot surfaces 

    The gas duct heaters are only meant to heat the atmosphere around you. It is not meant to heat the actual house you live it. Usually this can be gauged when the walls feel a little too hot to touch. Sometimes the paints on the wall can show signs of discoloring and other heat damage aspects. This is not a good sign. This is a good time to call a professional.

    It's old 

    Sometimes the problem with your duct heater is that it is pretty old. Heaters aren’t meant to last forever and so the older it gets the more issues to tend to cough up. Heaters that have been around for 20 years or more cannot be maintained or repaired. Since they are old, the manufacturing companies build new and improved models and so spare parts can be difficult to find.
    You would have to invest in a brand new gas duct heating system. This will be the best available option for the safe keeping of your home. Make sure that you check on your duct heaters regularly and to avoid the possibility carbon monoxide poisoning.