heating and cooling system in melbourne Keep Your Home Safe from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

  • 31Jul2017
    Keep Your Home Safe from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    A number of devices we use at home, office or in workplaces like restaurants emit small amounts of carbon monoxide. These include Gas-based Heaters, Water Heaters, Clothes Dryers, Kitchen Ranges, Ovens or Cooktops, Wood burning stoves, Gas Refrigerators and Pilot Lights.

    What is Carbon Monoxide?

    When gas burns cleanly, with enough oxygen from the air, it produces carbon dioxide and water. However, if there has not been enough oxygen, it produces small amounts of carbon monoxide (CO). CO is a very poisonous gas, and can be fatal even in small amounts. It has no smell or colour, and is thus called the Silent Killer.

    How to Detect CO poisoning

    Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, nausea, vomiting and light-headedness, not unlike flu. Thus, it can be very deceptive. If more than one person gets it at the same time, you can be sure that there's a carbon monoxide leak. Call for emergency aid right away.

    Keep You Home Safe from CO Poisoning

    Winters are a particular risk, when gas-based heating systems are on day and night. You probably turn up the heat at night for comfort when you're sleeping, exposing yourself to greater risk. Luckily, it's easy to minimise the amount of CO being emitted by the following methods:

    1. Get your heater serviced: A timely check-up of your heater, especially if it's a central system, will pick any faults. Victoria State standards require servicing once every two years. Cleaning all ducts to remove dust and moisture, de-clogging air vents and checking the furnace are all important.
    2. Check ventilation: It is important that enough air is entering the furnace so that the gas burns cleanly. It is equally important that all exhaust vents are also unclogged, so that there is no incomplete combustion that allows CO formation.
    3. Test for CO: Your service provider can scan your entire heating system for leaks from which even small amounts of CO are being emitted. In your heater service contract, ensure that this testing is included.

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