heating and cooling system in melbourne The Pros and Cons of Evaporative Cooling Systems

  • 09Mar2016
    The Pros and Cons of Evaporative Cooling Systems

    Who doesn’t want to enjoy a cool, refreshing indoor environment without paying big bucks during warm months? If you own a home, cutting cooling costs is probably always on your mind.

    The good news is that there’s no need to suffer with ineffective ceiling fans or noisy air conditioners for one more season. There are a number of modern options that will allow you to keep your home cool and comfortable when the mercury rises on the thermometer.

    One option that many people in Melbourne are choosing is an evaporative cooling system. Residential evaporative cooling systems use a time-tested technique to ensure temperature control in an indoor space. If you're considering this option, take a look at the pros and cons of evaporative coolers before you take the leap.


    There are many benefits to adding an evaporative cooler to your property. Brivis, Celair and Breezair produce models that are highly rated among both consumer agencies and users.

    Here are the biggest advantages to cooling the air in your home with an evaporative cooler:

    • No greenhouse gases emitted.
    • Naturally adds moisture to a house.
    • Won’t dry out wood furniture and fabrics in the home.
    • Rarely require repairs work.
    • No CFCs and HCFCs for the cooling process.
    • Lower energy and peak energy usage than a standard air conditioner.
    • Significantly lower initial purchase costs than refrigerated systems.


    While evaporative coolers are certainly an attractive option for the average homeowner, there are a few drawbacks to adding one to your property. Of course, no method of keeping the air in your home crisp is without its small disadvantages.

    The factors to consider when choosing this option include the following:

    • Requires a steady water source to run.
    • Requires a constant supply of fresh air from outside.
    • Salt and mineral deposits must occasionally be removed.
    • Requires routine cleaning to avoid mold and bacteria in wet pads, blades, nozzles and screens.
    • Operates less efficiently in wet climates.
    • Moisture can build up and cause condensation and corrosion.

    Choosing the Right System

    Cooler Service MelbourneIt’s important to remember that there’s always an element of maintenance involved with any cooling system you choose.

    The most important thing you can do is to have your system installed by professionals. This will ensure that all components are properly installed and tested before you begin using your new cooler.

    One of the biggest mistakes most people make is attempting a do-it-yourself installation on a complicated system. Cutting corners in this way can lead to some pretty expensive damage repairs down the line.

    The other important thing to remember is to always have your system properly serviced by professionals. Giving your unit professional service and repair work may help to preserve the lifespan of your system.

    If you’re ready to start enjoying cool air in your home in Melbourne, Service It Australia can supply and service models by Brivis, Celair and Breezair. Visit Service It Australia today to begin browsing popular residential options.