heating and cooling system in melbourne Protect Your Heating System with Adequate Maintenance

  • 30Jul2018
    Protect Your Heating System with Adequate Maintenance

    There’s the old joke that there’s a ‘critical detector’ built in each appliance, that tells it to break down just when you need it most. For example, your heating system knows to fold up just as winter is coming. Contracting a qualified technician for periodic maintenance makes sure that doesn’t happen.


    Here are a Few Steps We Recommend, in Order of Priority:

    • Stay Safe from Carbon Monoxide:

      Poor burning of the gas in your central unit will result in carbon monoxide spilling into your heating ducts, poisoning your rooms.

      As we learned in school, it is a silent and fast killer, leaving little time for an emergency response

      Regular maintenance ensures your heating system is functioning effectively, burning all the gas into harmless carbon dioxide.

    • Keep the Ducts Clean:

      Clogged ducts mean that the heat from your system’s central unit is not reaching you efficiently, running up your fuel and electric bills. Also, the dirt and dust is a repository of contaminants, and sometimes microbes and insects even. This stuff builds up in summer, and will be fanned into your rooms when you turn it on in winter. Clean ducts not only keep fuel bills low, but all the doctor’s.

    • Inspect the Controls:

      It’s very annoying to find out that the thermostat is no longer responding to the heater. It may be that it’s just the temperature regulator isn’t working, or a sign that something important in the heating system is now malfunctioning, leaving you with a red hot repair bill. Attend to these immediately, so you’re not left in the cold when you least expecting.

    • Run a Check of All Parts:

      Like any complex machinery, the parts of your heating system undergo wear and tear at different rates. Your system will have fans, motors, furnaces, ducts, switches, thermostats etc.

      A periodic check (every six months or a year, preferably well before winter) will tell you what needs replacing immediately, and what may need replacing the next time, so you can budget accordingly.

    Do It Yourself or Call a Professional?

    Do it yourself maintenance can go only go so far in ensuring your heating system is safe,efficient and delivering the best comfort in winters. A professional service contract ensures that a trained technician visits you regularly. Here’s why:

    CO Testing
    • They can spot potential problems well before you do (and ones that you can’t spot), helping you plan in advance and saving you emergency repairs that may turn out to cost an arm and a leg.
    • They offer you the best prices on spare parts (with guarantees), and know how to replace them correctly.
    • They know the Federal and State safety laws and standards, and help you avoid steep fines.
    • They are trained—and that really matters at the crunch.

    At Service It Australia, our technicians are fully qualified as per Australian, Victoria and Melbourne standards.