heating and cooling system in melbourne A Serviced Heater is a Safe Heater

  • 16May2018
    A Serviced Heater is a Safe Heater

    You might read in the news from time to time of a Melbourne family who had a fire or a health scare because a heater went kaput. As winter intensifies and heaters are stretched to capacity, the risk to your home is no less, especially if you haven’t serviced it in a long time.

    Energy Victoria has strict standards and requires a thorough servicing every two years, and insurance companies too insist on regualr servicing.

    Why do heaters catch fire?

    Your heater has many functioning parts, not to mention ducts for gas and electric cables. Over time, there is a build up of dust as well as soot, that clog the ducts. Unattended ducting can develop cracks, leading to leakage of gas, which may light up if it comes in contact with electric sparks which may come from unattended cables.

    But fire is not the only risk: if your furnace is not ventilated well, the gas will burn to form carbon monoxide which is a deadly poison.

    Service to Stay Safe

    When you are getting your heating system serviced, the following checklist will ensure that you get a thorough job done:

    1. Ask for the technician’s credentials. It is illegal in Victoria to operate without appropriate licenses and training. Ask for confidential testimonials from other clients. At Service It Australia, we ensure that our technicians have the right licenses and up-to-date training.
    2. Ensure your technicians takes apart and cleans everything: furnace, pipes, filters, fins as well as the outside.
    3. See to it that everything is dried fully after cleaning, before being reassembled.
    4. Ask for carbon monoxide testing of the entire system including ducts to all rooms.

    Safety Precautions

    1. Before buying a heater, check its star rating and online reviews.
    2. Keep your heater away from curtains, power switches and anything that’s inflammable.
    3. Turn off the heater when you’re not in the room.
    4. Do not leave children unattended in a room with the heater on.
    5. Ensure that vents and chimneys lead far away from your home.


    A fully functional gas heater ensures that you stay not only warm every winter, but also safe. We recommend full service every two years and an inspection at the start of every winter.

    At Service It Australia, we give you the best guarantees and service contracts along with free carbon monoxide testing. We assure you that your heater will only leave behind warm memories.