heating and cooling system in melbourne Simple Steps to Take Care of Your Evaporative Cooler

  • 19Aug2015
    Simple Steps to Take Care of Your Evaporative Cooler

    Evaporative cooling systems are designed to last for years and to save you as much money as possible when it comes to keeping your home cool during the summertime. Your system's longevity, however, is only as good as the care you give it each year. You can take good care of your evaporative cooling system by keeping these maintenance tips in mind and by trusting professional technicians when needed.

    End-of-the-Year Maintenance

    As the summer comes to an end each year, you may well know how important it is to perform end-of-the-year maintenance. This care means that you should drain and clean your system's cooler pan. You should also clean off the unit and replace any noticeably damaged parts. This important step can help ensure that your evaporative cooling system will turn on and function as normal next summer.

    Pad Replacement

    Along with performing normal end-of-the-year maintenance, you should also consider replacing the moist pads in your system once a year. This evaporative cooler service often gets overlooked because people think that their pads look okay and that they do not need to be replaced just yet.

    However, the pads are vital to ensuring that your system works properly. They absorb the evaporation from the hot air and also retain the moisture that is drawn up and used by your system to cool the air. If the pads wear out, they cannot do their job. The air cannot be cooled, and any air that is sent back into your house will be hot and dry.

    When absorbing the evaporation, the pads in your system also absorb minerals and debris that may be in the dry air draw in by the ventilation fan. Your system has no way to draw out the minerals as it does the moisture. The minerals are left behind, compromising your pads' ability to function as they should.

    You may not be able to see the mineral deposits in the pads. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that they are there, compromising your system's ability. When you perform your routine evaporative cooler service, you should also replace the pads. Rather than fear what you believe could be a detrimental expense, you would do well to realize that pads made out of aspen or out of CELdek are relatively affordable. New pads help you avoid hundreds of dollars in repairs later.

    If you are uncomfortable replacing the pads, draining the cooler pan, or carrying out other preventative maintenance steps, you can get the help you need by contacting Service It Australia. This company has technicians who can keep your system in good condition and ensure it lasts for years. Call this company on 1300 66 51 37 or visit Service It Australia.