heating and cooling system in melbourne When Is the Right Time to Consider Ducted Heating Repair?

  • 21May2015
    When Is the Right Time to Consider Ducted Heating Repair?

    Ducted heating is one of the most important things to have in the household, especially with the arrival of the winter season. It is going to offer you with the warmth that you need. Nonetheless, not all ducted heating systems will perform in the same manner. Even if you have a high quality ducted heating installed, this does not mean that it will deliver the same level of performance year after year. Inevitably, it will encounter several problems and such will signal the need to consider ducted heating repairs Melbourne. Proper maintenance is essential in order to maintain its functionality.

    Importance of Ducted Heating Repair and Maintenance

    Investing time and money in the repair and maintenance of ducted heating is important for the following reasons:

    • Extend Its Functional Life: Ducted heating units can become overworked systems. Their normal expected functional life can be shorter if you do not have the system maintained or if you fail to execute the necessary repair as soon as the problem becomes apparent.
    • Increase Energy Efficiency: If you do not immediately consider ducted heating repairs in Melbourne from the first sight of a problem, you will suffer from increased cost because the system uses more energy to function.
    • Prioritise Health and Safety: When the ducts are not repaired or maintained, they will inevitably produce dirt, which will negatively affect the quality of the air you are breathing. This can lead into various health problems, especially among kids.

    The Right Time for Repair

    One of the most important signs that you already need to consider ducted heating repairs in Melbourne is, when the furnace is already old. As it ages, it becomes more susceptible to a variety of problems that will have an impact on its functionality. Most of the manufacturers declare that their units have a functional life of 20 to 30 years. If your ducted heating system is already 15 years old, it is about time to call a professional for repair.

    While furnaces can make noise, it should be minimal and tolerable. If it is louder than the usual, a problem is most likely requiring attention the soonest. There can be clogs causing the strange noise.

    If you notice that your heating bill is higher than the usual, in spite of the fact that usage remains to be the same, you also have another reason to believe that it is now about time to consider repair. When ducts are clogged or when fans do not circulate properly, this can result into increased energy usage, and hence, making your bill higher.

    Lastly, when you are experiencing performance issues, such as inconsistent heating and humidity problems, you should also call a professional for ducted heating repairs to avoid the situation from getting worse.


    The Right Company to Call

    If you need ducted heating repairs in Melbourne, call Service It Australia now on 1300 665 137. With highly skilled professionals and the right technology to handle repairs of furnace, all ducted heating problems will definitely be resolved the soonest possible time.