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Did your Rheem water heater – Australia’s favourite since the first geyser was turned out in Sydney’s Inner West in 1939 – just douse you in cold water? Has it been leaking or giving you coloured water, making strange sounds or behaving like Glenn McGrath’s bowling?

Your trusted Rheem Hot Water System may be in need of urgent repairs, or at the least a service call. We’re here mate, ready to attend to you, anywhere in Melbourne.

Rheem Hot Water Systems come in a wide range from gas to electric to solar; score high in energy efficiency and performance; are long-lived and scalable to any home size. Made from high-quality materials and the best industrial practices at their units in Perth and Sydney, Rheem’s Hot Water Systems can last 10 to 12 years.

A regular service can easily extend its life for another decade or more. Service It Australia take the lead in Victoria and Melbourne.

Rheem’s Gas Hot Water System

Rheem offers storage water heaters ranging from 190 litres to over 305 litres, in its 4-Star, 5-Star, Stellar and RheemPlus marques; and also continuous flow from 12 to 27 litres in the Metro and Pronto marques (all available in Melbourne). Some are also hybrid, able to use both gas and electric power. Most can handle either LPG or natural gas, and several products come with warranties of up to 10 years.

Service and Repairs

Built to be sturdy, they do need regular attention, and after many years of a reliable supply of hot water for your bathing, shaving, brushing, washing and kitchen needs. But if your Rheem Gas-Based Storage Hot Water System is pouring cold water over your needs, here could be some reasons why:

  • You may have turned off the gas, or there’s a blockage in the gas pipe leading to the heater (very dangerous).
  • The pilot may have blown out, or its light might have burnt.
  • The thermocouple, which is a safety device, is damaged. Its job is to cut the gas off if the pilot blows out.

These parts along with the pilot injector should be replaced every two years.

Yours might be in need of changing.

  • The thermostat (i.e. the gas control) may have burned out.
  • The PTR valve on the side of your storage unit is designed to release pressure. It must be replaced every 5 years and can cost you a lot of money in gas and water if it leaks.
  • Over time, the pressures required for correct functioning might have dropped.
  • After years of neglect, the Rheem heater might have died quietly.

Rheem Continuous-Flow Gas Water Systems may have other problems:

  • The ignition isn’t working: for a continuous system, you need an electric connection to spark the gas all the time.
  • The heater may have overheated (and automatic off switches may kick in). Switch off the heater and wait for a few minutes.
  • Not enough gas is reaching the heater – so check your gas supply mains.
  • An internal part might have worn and torn, needing to be replaced.
  • Or the heater just gave up its life, after years of service that went unnoticed.

Rheem’s Electric Hot Water System

Suitable for every Australian home, they come in a really wide range, with warranties of up to 12 years, an extensive service network and up to 6-star energy ratings.

The RheemPlus and Stellar sub-brand of storage heaters range from 50 to 315 litres, and can serve up to 6 people with hot water at a go. Products of the Compact sub-brand reliably supply 25 to 47 litres of hot water, suitable for your kitchen or laundry. Alongside other marques, there is a Rheem Electric Water Heater for every Melbourne home to be centrally supplied with hot water at any time of day.

Service and Repairs

Despite their solidity, over time and especially if they have not been regularly serviced, Rheem Electric Water Heaters might give a few problems, like:

  • The thermostat having failed, leading to either no heat or overheating
  • The fuse or circuit breaker has gone off, needing replacement
  • The heating element (anode) has weathered away (usually due to deposit of salt)
  • There are problems with the electric meter
  • The tank is leaky, which can be because of unexpected rust or other causes
  • It’s just time up for the System

Rheem Solar Hot Water System

Built in the Collectors, Loline and Hiline marques (both available in Melbourne), these are not only good for the environment too, but also make sure you have hot water even when there isn’t enough sunshine.

Available in both non-frost and frost-protected models, they range from 160 to 300 litres, with some of them fitted with a gas booster. They can be roof-mounted or in the yard, and can supply more than one point, like your kitchen and bathrooms.

Service and Repairs

While your Rheem Solar Water Heater can take care of not getting enough sunshine, there are some places it needs your care too:

  • The thermostat may need changing
  • The solar cells may need cleaning or removal of deposits on them
  • The tank may need inspecting for leaks
  • The heating element may need replacing
  • Or the whole system may need a dignified funeral after serving you for decades

How to tell that your home’s Rheem Hot Water System needs a service check

These five signs are fair dinkum your heater’s in crook:

  • You’re doused in cold water:
    • Your heater has lived past its age
    • Or its thermostat or heating element have died.
  • It’s leaking:
    • The tank has rusted
    • Or one of the pipes leading in or out are.
    • Leaks may also encourage the growth of fungi, which in turn lead to further corrosion.
  • It’s unpredictable:
  • It’s making strange noises:
    • Some part is not working properly, causing the water inside to hiss, bubble, crack, bang etc.
    • The tank may have burst
    • The heating element may be coated with salts.
  • You’re getting muddy or rusty water:
    • There has been corrosion inside the pipes or tanks
    • Or sludge has built up in your filters or heating elements.

Why call in professionals to service your Rheem Hot Water System?

D-I-Y repairs are tempting, as they seem quick (no waiting) and cheap (no fees). But you will likely miss out a number of things a trained and certified professional won’t, such as: checking the pressure relief valves, checking the cleaning solar panels, thermistors, frost valves, the thermostat and heating element, cleaning the tanks, checking on the gas boosters and circulation pumps etc.

They can also offer you the best terms on spare parts along with the relevant guarantees and warranties. Finally, some repairs are prohibited under Victoria and Melbourne state safety regulations, unless you have the requisite training and certification.

Service your Rheem Hot Water System every five years

This can make sure you extend its life for many more years, reliably giving you hot water at the temperature you like, day after day.

Service It Australia’s technicians not only have the requisite technical expertise and certifications, but will also educate you on regular maintenance of your Rheem Hot Water System, safety precautions and how to spot problems, so that you don’t find your plans of a refreshing bath drowned in cold water one rainy day.

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