heating and cooling system in melbourne Evaporative Cooling System Service in Melbourne

Buying an evaporative cooler can make all the difference in the world, especially during those extremely hot summer months. However, if you're in the market for buying a new one or having one replaced, then our services are exactly what you need to ensure that they stay in working order for when you need them.

Evaporative Cooling System in Melbourne

From the best evaporative cooling systems Melbourne, there are three main services that Service It Australia offers to repair and maintain your evaporative cooler:

  • Conducting motor repairs, servicing and replacement
  • Repair, servicing and replacement of fans
  • Servicing and disinfecting the water inlet, reservoirs and outlet systems

These are the main parts of the evaporative coolers that see the most wear and tear, and are the most likely to need repairs than other parts.

Evaporative coolers Brands in Melbourne

The evaporative cooling can be applied to the major brands of evaporative coolers in Melbourne including Bonaire, Brivis, Celair, Stadt, Coolair, Coolbreeze and Breezair.

Bonaire Evaporative Cooling SystemsBreezair evaporative cooling systemBrivis evaporative coolingCelair Evaporative Cooler


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Maintenance of evaporative cooling system

Having regular maintenance performed on your evaporative cooling system will not only help it to last much longer, but you'll stand to benefit from having a reliable cooling unit that will provide you consistent relief during the summer.

We're Brivis factory-trained, so we know how to care for your cooling units to keep them working good as new. As these units draw in air from the outside, they can get clogged over time, reducing its efficiency. But by taking care of the water inlet, reservoir, and other essential parts, you can continue to have a well-running unit throughout the year. Depending on the location of the unit and the conditions that it is exposed to on a daily basis, then evaporative coolers may be required more frequently in order to ensure optimum condition.

The major contributors that lead to an evaporative cooling unit breaking down are stagnant water, dust and bacteria clogging the system and leading to the growth of infectious, airborne diseases, and the range of water temperature between 25 and 50 degrees Celsius. By maintaining a healthy servicing schedule of your cooling unit, these contributing factors can be taken care of, and ensure that you avoid the costs of having to replace your unit altogether.

Service It Australia takes care of:

Evaporative Cooling System Melbourne

  • Checking and cleaning the water distribution systems and the filters
  • Ensuring that the unit has been disconnected from its electricity supply
  • Checking and cleaning of the pump, water bleed-off systems, and fans
  • Flushing of the sump units
  • Inspection of the float valve

Once these essential parts have been taken care of, the services of evaporative cooling systems Melbourne will take the extra step of disinfecting the unit with tablets that will prevent the growth and build-up of bacteria, algae and mould in the future.

Take the necessary steps to keep your cooling unit in its best health by hiring Service It Australia so that it can continue working for you. Contact Service It Australia on 1300 665 137 right now and see what we can do for your evaporative cooling systems.
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