heating and cooling system in melbourne Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the FAQ we receive are centered around the technicality of the equipment’s, their durability after service component genuineness , safety precautions to be taken in case of accidental leakage and carbon monoxide accumulations and so forth. our customers are extremely time and cost conscious and want to know the time frame and the costing initially before start our actual work for them here, we present a comprehensive set of FAQ and their answers provided by our experts.,

Q:- How frequently do I have to service my heater/cooler ?
A:- Generally, we recommend an interval of two years for every service . However this applies to preventive maintenance only. Corrective maintenance has to be done on priority basis.
Q:- My wife feels, having a Gas operated heating system could be potentially dangerous for elders and children

A:- Not at all, millions of households have been using these systems with quite ease and without any risks. However, we recommend certain basic steps to ensure wholesome safety

  1. Do not expose the gas source or the pipelines to direct heat as the tubes may be stressed out in the long run
  2. Service the system once in two years completely. Apart from this, you can call us for periodical paid testing and simple maintenance services also
Q:- what should I do in case of an emergency gas or carbon monoxide leakage?
A:- The very important factor is do not panic. Turn off all the lighting and other heating elements in your house immediately open all the doors, windows, and other ventilation points wide and allow fresh air to pass in. this will also ensure the gas or lethal carbon monoxide escapes out. Move your family out of the house premises, turn the gas supply points and immediately call our technical service team
Q:- Your technician is recommending for the heater to be replaced. But I feel the existing one can be repaired. What is your opinion?
A:- Well the technician who has inspected your system is the best judge. Our professionals always try to provide you with most economical solution to any given problem. They have checked the component and tried to resurrect it back to life by their corrective maintenance. But if a replacement is recommended it has to be done to ensure proper output and safety. We can provide you with the best of branded component with extended warranty.
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