heating and cooling system in melbourne Heating Systems, Evaporative Coolers Services in Melbourne

Ever since being established by Mark O’Brien in the year 2002, Service It Australia Pty Ltd has been spreading its wings steadily to cover many aspects of heating and cooling systems services in Melbourne.

Central or Gas Ducted Heating Service in Melbourne

Heating & Cooling Service in MelbourneOne of the major types of centralized home heating across Melbourne and Australia today is the usage of Gas Ducted Heaters. Their major components include

  • Heater- heat exchanger
  • Thermostat and its components
  • Shielded pipes and ducts that carry the air throughout your house
  • Safety overheats, burners thermocouples, injectors and zip tubes

We can carry out replacement and servicing of entire heater or components and spare parts. Major brands that we service include Brivis, Breamar, Vulcan , Stadt, Carrier, Celair and gasglo climate technologies.

Gas Log Fires Service

Our heater repair services include annual service contracts and spot services. We also undertake corrective and preventive maintenance services for all types of gas log fires.

We extend our services to
  • Fire logs cleaning replacement and maintenance
  • Burner replacement and repair
  • Thermopile and thermocouple replacement and servicing
  • Complete refurbishing, parts servicing and replacement of combustion, pipes and maintenance
  • Cleaning of the pilot, burner fan logs and casing, carbon monoxide and burner pressure testing
Major brands include Masport, regency, ultimate Cannon and Rinnai.


Gas Safety Tips


Gas Hot Water and Ducted Heating Repair Services in Melbourne

Homes require hot water supply systems right from the kitchen to kid's rooms, living rooms and wash rooms. The gas hot water unit, water supply pipes and their components, the core burner, water outlets and spare parts are the functional components that need regular maintenance services.

Our services include
  • Gas hot water unit repairs, replacement of internal and external components
  • Centralized systems installation with single or multiple gas heaters
Major brands include Vulcan, Rinnai, Rheem Aquamax hardie dux and Dux


Evaporative Coolers Service in Melbourne

Our services for Evaporative Coolers include
  • Servicing and disinfecting of Water inlet, reservoir and outlet systems
  • Motor repair, servicing and replacement
  • Fan repair, maintenance and replacement
The major brands we deal with are Brivis, Bonaire, Celair, Stadt, Coolai, Coolbreeze and Breezier seeley


Space Heating and Wall Furnaces Service in Melbourne

Service It Australia Pty Ltd has a team of experienced professionals who can do efficient servicing short notice for Space Heating systems. We provide annual maintenance contract as well as need based servicing at highly cost effective ways. Our services include pilot cleansing, burner fan and casing, carbon monoxide and pressure testing, heater exhaust flue and more.

The major brands we serve are Vulcan, Rinnai, Bonaire, Gasglo and Climate Tech.and Breamar.

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