heating and cooling system in melbourne Space Heater Repair and Service in Melbourne, Australia

To keep your house cosy and exceedingly warm in the winter season of Melbourne, you need to have a gas space heater and a wall furnace.

These are important heating systems for any household as they are able to heat a section of the house as opposed to the entire house. If your house has one or two rooms (of up to 110 sq meters), smaller space heaters and wall furnaces would be the best to install.

Space heaters and wall furnaces are echo-friendly, safe, and cheap.

When to opt for heater repairs Melbourne?

It is suitably recommended to get space gas heater systems checked once a year for any repairs. However, branded space gas appliances can be serviced after every two years or so. You should immediately contact your service provider if you find any of the following signs on your gas heater:

  • Pilot light gets off, flickers or bangs,
  • Discoloration of the walls or heater panels,
  • Soot stains surrounding the heater,
  • A light yellow or sooty flame,
  • Walls are getting too hot to touch when the heater is on.


Space Heating and Wall Furnace Services in Melbourne

If you are looking for trained experts on matters wall furnaces and gas heaters, look no further than Service It Australia. They are adept in handling all kinds of heater repairs Melbourne residents would need and want. So stretch your coin today, hire a Service It Australia expert to repair your gas heater systems and wall furnace system. Their services include:

  • Repairing heater exhaust flues,
  • Carbon monoxide and pressure testing,
  • Cleaning of pilots, burners, fan and casing,
  • Contract-based as well as need-based services even at short notice and many more.

Heating System Brands in Melbourne

Service It Australia deals with heating system brands like Breamar, Climate Tech, Gasglo, Bonaire, Rinnai and Vulcan.

Bonaire Evaporative Heating Systems


Precaution to avoid accidents

To avoid accidents when using wall furnaces or gas space heaters ensure to keep inflammable materials one meter away from the heater, it is also recommended to clean space gas heaters using limited vacuuming so as to reduce odours or fumes. If the level of carbon monoxide increases, open all your windows and doors immediately, turn off the heater and step outside.

Why You Should Seek Service It Australia?

Forget conventional heater repairers. Services offered by Service It Australia are reliable thanks to their wide array of experience on their sleeves. Since the time immemorial [read since 2002] Service It Australia has notably offered wall furnaces and space gas heaters in Melbourne, not to mention professional heater repairs Melbourne at short notice.

Service It Australia is also dedicated to what they do. Contact us on 1300 665 137 any time of the day for any queries and see what we can do for your space gas heaters and wall furnaces in Melbourne.
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